Pastor Misha up for a visit

Where to begin…

A few years back some guy from Dnepropetrovsk contacted In Lumine saying that he had really enjoyed our books and had moved from a radical charismatic prosperity gospel towards a God-centered view of all things largely due to reading some of our resources. In process, he lost quite a few people but the church made it through the bulk of the transition.

Misha had invited me to come out but it never materialized, I hadn’t pursued the opportunity. Fast forward a year or so and we met In Samara at a conference. I then realized that this was a great opportunity to network with like minded believers and not long after the conference our worship team and I took a trip to Dnipro to get to know everyone and preach and lead worship on a Sunday morning. We had a blast and really enjoyed getting to know everyone there. After the first sermon we had refreshments and then a Q&A session where I was grilled with the hardest questions I have every been asked as a pastor. They definitely are a thinking group trying to wrestle with hard doctrines. Olya pretended to have a seizure a few times according to our plans just so that I didn’t have to answer the hard questions.

Misha invited me out again and in February I was able to visit and preach two sermons.

Finally He came up this last Sunday and he preached one of the more radical sermons I have ever heard. I highly recommend listening to it. It was a straight up word from God for our church, very timely spoken.

Right now we are strategizing on how to work together and better network with other like minded churches in order to have more fellowship, host events and conferences together, as well as serve one another.

I am glad for this new friendship and already see fruit coming from it. Andrey Konkov, one of our missionaries and an all around great guy from Chernigov serving in Dnipro with Campus Crusade has joined their church along with some of his folks from his mission team.

Misha’s church reminds me very much of Sovereign Grace Ministries. In fact, he has a loose tie with SG through a sister church in Germany. All the while retaining the charismatic zeal and loud worship they have managed to steer themselves deeper into the bible and are much more centered on Jesus and not man or the prosperity gospel.

I haven’t seen any examples of this to date in Ukraine.

Here we are yesterday in the museum before the service.
Jake & Pastor Misha

Chris and Marina leading worship
Church Life

Andrey our missionary, his Campus Crusade teammates, and Chris enjoying a meal after the service
Church Life

Chris, Olya, our Andrey the drummer, and Marina
Church Life

Here I am all fuzzy.

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  • benjamin

    cool. did i tell you i think that guy had ties to the whacked out charismatic churches in svitlovodsk? when he started to move away from the prosperity lie, they broke it off with him. at least i think that’s the story. you should ask him about svitlovodsk. i’m curious. :)

  • Michael

    Thanks for nice time in Chernigov! I saw Jesus in your church, in each of you.

    • Conor


      It really was a joy to have you with us! Thank you again, The Lord bless you and the church!

  • admin

    Ben, from what I understand he is friends with a church there that is pretty much into the “new wine” movement thing. Obviously they don’t see eye to eye on that…

    Michael, it was our pleasure.

  • Marina Koslow

    So where can we listen to the sermon, Jake?

  • admin

    The sermon recording didn’t come out. Bummer.

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